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Here at Success Lynx, we believe in soulful SEO. you believe in your business 100% and SO DO WE. your copy doesn’t need to be dry and boring to reach your target audience. Search engine optimization doesn’t have to be difficult, daunting, or scary. SEO is for everyone and we’re here to help you.

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Get more traffic to your website

Feel like all of your writing efforts are going to waste? Creating plenty of content but your traffic levels don’t seem to reflect the fact? We can help.

Reach your target audience

Every business and brand has an ideal client and yours is no different. Knowing exactly who your target audience is and how to reach them can be the difference between your business doing well and your business doing phenomenally.

Stay up to date on SEO trends

The online world is ever changing and that’s a good thing! We offer bespoke services to help you, your brand, and your business stay in the know and grow!

After blogging for 2 years, I had a lot of great content but wasn’t getting the traffic I expected and wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong. After working with Karen on how to refresh my posts to be SEO-friendly, my page views doubled in just one month and they continue to climb. Karen gave me actionable items that I could immediately start doing to improve my blog.


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Latest free SEO advice

SEO for Weebly: How I reached 100k page views on Weebly

It's commonly discussed in various communities how Wordpress is the end-all for SEO and how you cannot implement good SEO on other platforms.  I initially went with Weebly, a website platform well suited to businesses looking for a clean website, naively thinking that...

Bad SEO Writing: What not to do and how to improve your SEO writing

As someone who reads a lot of websites, I've read a lot of blogs that make me cringe.  This post will be about SEO writing practices to avoid and how to improve your writing while SEO optimizing.  Over optimizing for a keyword Is there too much of a good thing? Yes,...

Why you need a content calendar + a free downloadable content calendar

I love content calendars. One of the most overlooked items that people think about when it comes to running a website or blog is having a content calendar. I used to do things at the drop of a hat where I'd just see what I felt like writing, however as I traveled...

Negative SEO Attacks: How to disavow spammy links in Google Search Console

As a website owner, links to your content are great, most of the time. However, they're great until someone decides that your website is something they would like to target.  I've dealt with nonstop Negative SEO attacks for months.  In this post, I'll be discussing my...

How to Improve Your Old Content: 8 Easy Steps to Renew Older Posts & Articles

One of the very worst things you can do in terms of SEO is to neglect old posts. You see, instead of spending all of your time writing new content, you should be splitting your time so as to improve old posts while simultaneously creating new articles. And while this...

Why you must interlink your posts and our favorite plug-ins for showing related content

If you've successfully created good content and you have people clicking on your website, you're doing great.  However, a mistake that many website owners make is forgetting to give people reason to stick around after reading what they're looking for.  In this post,...

How to use Keysearch: Your complete guide to the cheapest keyword research tool

I love Keysearch.  As a writer who writes SEO optimized content, I love how cheap their keyword research is--and how many things I can do with it. Although there are other keyword research tools, both Sophie and I use Keysearch.  This post will be an in-depth...

The Wolf Pack Method & how we doubled our SEO web traffic in 6 months

When it comes to SEO, techniques are abundant. However, there are certain strategies which fare better than others, and we like to call our personal SEO strategy for increasing website method 'the Wolf Pack Method'.  Read about our innovative website content-based SEO...

Writing clickable titles: How to optimize your page titles for SEO and social shares

I see that you clicked this post. That's good.  This post is about optimizing your page titles to maximize people clicking your website when they see it on organic search as well as clicking it when they see it show up on social media, such as Facebook and Pinterest. ...

Is it worth the time? The real impact of Facebook blogger groups and forced sharing on website traffic

A lot of bloggers and website owners are in Facebook groups that promise that you'll receive traffic as a result of sharing within these groups. I'm someone who has been an active member of many Facebook groups and who lives on the Internet (as my husband jokes). ...