Your copy doesn’t need to be dry and boring to reach your target audience.  Search Engine Optimization doesn’t need to be difficult, daunting, or scary.  At Success Lynx, you’ll find helpful and easy-to-understand SEO tips to help your website get the traffic that it deserves.

I offer SEO audits and bespoke SEO services to clients looking to turbocharge their websites to reach their ideal clients. If you’re wondering what you’re doing wrong, my bespoke SEO audits touch on both technical issues and soft components that might be holding you from your website goals. I work at helping clients create an SEO strategy that they feel confident in. Success Lynx is based in the Netherlands, but has worked with clients all over the world.

Client Testimonial

After blogging for 2 years, I had a lot of great content but wasn’t getting the traffic I expected and wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong. After working with Karen on how to refresh my posts to be SEO-friendly, my page views doubled in just one month and they continue to climb. Karen gave me actionable items that I could immediately start doing to improve my blog. -Marcie